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I have a MSI GTX 560ti its lasted quite a while. But the other day was playing a game, the graphics went berserk then crashed the game. It then eventually crashed the computer and so now only boots into safe mode. I have not modified the drivers in a few months. I tried new drivers, previous versions. I reinstalled windows 8.1 and still no difference. The onboard video works fine, i also tried cleaning the video card and a different PCIe slot but no luck. Im thinking its a new video card i need but still seems strange that it runs in safe mode. Guess im seeing if anyone else has any ideas. I just dont have another card lying around to try
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  1. Try the graphic cards on other PC,and when you do a normal boot does it shows BSOD on windows startup?
  2. Hi dont have another PC to try it on. It gets to windows loading screen then while loading the monitor loses signal and i cant see anymore then reboots itself
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  3. Safe mode only used generic drivers, so when in safe mode the video card is not using the NVidia drivers which in turn puts almost no stress on the card. Its also why your computer boots up in 800x600 with like 8 bit color, there is not graphical power being used.

    This is why its always a good idea to uninstall drivers in safe mode since the computer is not using any of the original drivers.
  4. Are your grapics OverClocked or normal version?
  5. Nothing is overclocked all stock settings. Everything is now barebones fresh install of windows and nothing else installed
  6. Did you tried to reinstall the gpu drivers?
  7. Hello,

    For the people in the future, the problems are the drivers. Had the same issues as OP but with an AMD GPU (Randeon R9) used driver swepper to unnistall all drivers and the PC booted fine.
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