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i need a new laptop, which reasonable thick,and light and can play games in 1080p. ill be playing games like witcher 3 and batman arkham knight. i need it to be portable so can carry it to different places. Also the warranty will be dead for me as im buying from us and i dont live in US. I'm leaning towards the Asus Ux501(4th gen i7, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd, 960m, 15.6 1080p touch display). just a few quick questions, should i go for an unknown brand as give a lot for less like clevo and msi, or is asus the best option especially considering that i wont be able to use the warranty.
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    Well, Clevo is essentially Sager, and they're well known brands. And MSI? Split the best deals between MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, and other goodness.
    And as for the computer, try for something with a GTX 970M since you have the budget to.

    If you don't mind the open-boxedness...

    If you're looking for lower priced versions of what you chose, however...
  2. thick and light doesn't work in this case. the variables are;

    Thin and Light <4lbs (max screen up to 15")
    Thick and Big Screen >5lbs (15-17" screen size)

    Low end 1080p 965m
    Mid 1080pm 970M
    High 1080p 980M

    With regards to the warranty (not sure what country you're in) but am certain you can buy some sort of protection.
  3. sager np8651 is great. i dont play those games but so far for me, its really good. not sure how planetside 2 compares to witcher, but i can run planetside 2 on high no problem
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