My 1TB Seagate External Hard Drive Cannot be Detected by My Computer.

Hello People! :)

I Have a Seagate Expansion Portable Drive (1TB)
Reply If you need the whole specs.

-Whole Story-
So the other day I went out of town and my friends wanted to watch a movie which is in my EX.Hard Drive. So I told them to get my EX.Hard Drive from my Computer (I even told them to open the computer and remove it safely.Which they did) So they plugged it in their computer.(Same thing remove safely after use)

[Take Note: I always plug my EX.Hard Drive on the front USB port of the CPU)

So when I get back home I needed to place the pictures inside the EX.Hard Drive. I tried plugging it in (Front Port) It didn't work. So I was shocked cause I always plug my EX.Hard Drive on the front USB Port but didn't work. So I tried plugging it in my friends laptop but didn't work too. So I tried plugging it in the back USB Port it worked perfectly fine.

So today I plugged it out. So I can place my friend's USB for the other set of pictures. After that I plugged back in my EX.Hard Drive. So I can put the pictures inside of it but it didn't work. I tried to place back in my friend's USB. It didn't work!! ( It just came from my friend's computer the same one that my Hard Drive came from)
-End of Story-

I have been looking for solutions one is the Disk Management thing but that didn't work FOR ME(I had to do it in all caps because someone might find the Disk Management thing useful)

So I have been thinking of ways that might be the cause of this problem or may be problem.

•My friend's computer has a problem (Thinking that both USB and EX.Hard Drive got a problem from it) I have read some threads that the kind of USB Port can be affected
[My computer has 3.0 and my friend's computer is 2.0 USB Ports]

•My Computer's Board is broken (self explanatory)

•The USB and the Hard Drive itself is broken
I have tried placing it to a new laptop but both USB and EX.Hard Drive didn't work.

EX.Hard Drive MEANS External Hard Drive

Please if anyone can help me please do so. I need my files in my EX.Hard Drive
I scanned for some viruses and they were some but I removed them easily
It was a Spigot Toolbar / SearchBar I cleaned it already

I'm sorry if I have bad grammar English is not my 1st Language.

Thank You in Advance for answering this Question Hope all of you can give me great answers :)
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    Hey there, -TheHound-.

    For future reference - having in mind you had problems with your external drive, you should've backed up all your personal data just to be on the safe side and you should've tested the drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tool, to see if the HDD has any issues, before you've uploaded the new photos on it.
    About the problem at hand - I'd recommend that you try the external HDD with a different USB cable (not longer than 12"), to see if the same thing happens. From what I understood, you've only tried it with different USB portson different computers. If turns out to be a faulty USB cable, this would be great, as it's pretty easy to solve and you won't lose any data. On the other hand, if this doesn't help, I'd recommend that you try accessing the drive via Linux Live CD/USB (this is basically a freeware, portable, bootable version of Linux) to see if the drive is recognized properly and if you can get to your data. You could also take a look at some of the data recovery solutions from this thread:

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes.
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