CPU temperature rise due to PSU?

Hi all. I am new to the community and I am blessed with all discussion I have read in this website. However I didn't find anything relates to my problem.

Last month I have upgraded my GPU to GTX 980 thus I have to updrage my PSU as well to Seasonic SI2II 620W 80+. I did encounter few problems because I am not an expert in PC building. I had BSOD, USB Ports not functioning and ultimately my PC can’t enter BIOS at all.

After that, I sent my PC to my friend repair shop. He said that all along this time my stock cooler was loose and now my motherboard and ram has fried. So he changed my motherboard with G1 Z97-Gaming and HyperX Fury 8gb ram. Since he is afraid to reformat my C drive in my WD 1TB Black Hard Disk (afraid to accidentally deleted my personal files), he gave me 160 GB hard disk and installed the new OS in the new 160gb Hard disk. Everything then seems ok and I took back my PC to my home.

However, my CPU temperature seems too high during idling, hovering at 65 degree C and up to 70+ degree C while streaming youtube videos and web surfing. And at 5 minutes GTA V gameplay, i already feel some stuttering and eventually I quit the game. Looking back at my CPU temperature, it hit 90 degree C already. So I sent back to my friend shop to find out the problem and the solution.

After 2 days my friend calls back and mentioned that the only solution he found out is to remove my original 2 unit hard disk. When only attached to 160gb hard disk, the idle cpu temperature is now hovering at 50 degree C (still quite high for me). If the other 2 hard disk also connected the temperature will rise again. He suspected there is something that related with my PSU.

So my question is, since I have GTX 980 and three hard disks now, is there any possibilities that my PSU heavily utilized and affecting my CPU temperature? Faulty unit maybe? FYI, I live near to the equator so I think my ambient temperature is around 30 degree C.

Below is my PC spec;

G1 Z97-Gaming
Hyperx Fury 8GB ram
WD Hard Disk 1 TB
WD Hard Disk 500 GB
WD Hard Disk 160 GB
Seasonic SI2II 620W 80+

All ideas, suggestions and answers are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Sorry for my bad english.
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    Well, I am not so sure that this "friend" repair shop is all that great.

    Not only do I think that there is a chance you did not need all of those parts replaced....(but now we can't help you with that since that you have already had stuff done)...but he did a piss poor job it seems.

    If the CPU temperature is that high when idling...and even under loads it would lead me to think a few things may be the issue.

    1. The CPU does not have thermal paste, bad thermal paste, or is not applied correctly.

    2. The CPU fan was not fastened tightly enough, is not connected properly to the motherboard to get powered correctly, not working at all, or is set to have rpm that is too low (but in the case of low rpm, you should still not be getting that temp).

    3. The system is not reading the temperatures accurately and needs some stuff fixed for that.

    Removing hard drives should not be affected the CPU temperature in your case. Sure, if there was a super small enclosed space with dozens of hard drives, the CPU temp may go up 1 - 2 C...but the CPU fan would be able to adjust to keep the temp correct.

    The only way I can see the power supply affecting the CPU temp is if power was not passing to the CPU fan and motherboard...which it evidently is powering the CPU itself through the motherboard. So, that brings back to my list above.

    Since you have issues fixing the computer yourself and the repair shop does not know what they are doing...I would suggest trying to coordinate some sort of time on here that you can message back and forth with some of us to fix the issues.

    You should look up how to videos on computer building and fixing to get an idea of what to do.

    A list of things to check out what the problem is would be something like this:
    1. Make sure all of the components and PSU cables are connected right. Mainly applying the PSU connections to the motherboard and the motherboard to CPU fan connections. And make sure that the CPU fan is working.

    2. Check the program you have that will monitor the CPU fan speeds at the varying temperatures and see if it is working/set right.

    3. If those were not the problems or did not solve the issue, then disconnect the CPU fan/heatsink from the CPU and see if there is thermal paste applied. If it is not applied, then add some. If there is some applied, then remove it and apply new thermal paste. Reconnect it all and see if that fixes the issue.

    But it seems like you need to disconnect the CPU heatsink/fan and reapply thermal paste. Then
  2. Thanks a lot NBSN for the detail thoughts and tips. Yeah, I also not really sure with that friend shop at first but I thought it is the best possible place to send my pc during my available time at night. But things has been done (and deeply I think that the mobo should not be replaced, but only the ram should be) and I have to move on to solve this cpu temperature issue.

    BTW, I used Speccy to monitor my pc temperature and I think it is quite reliable on temperature reading.

    OK, I just bought Cooler Master thermal paste at my workplace so I will bring it to my friend place tonight to see and adjust things regarding the thermal paste as you posted. Hopefully this thing will solve my problem.

    Thank you and I will update the outcome.
  3. Thanks for the info and I will waiting for that update...hopefully with good news.
  4. NBSN said:

    But it seems like you need to disconnect the CPU heatsink/fan and reapply thermal paste. Then

    Alright. It seems that applying thermal paste solved the cpu temperature problem.

    It seems that the repair guy misleading me to think that they applied the thermal paste already but the fact is, they forgot.

    Afterall, problem solved and hopefully my rig maintain tgis way.

    Thanks a lot NBSN.
  5. I am glad it was as simple as that in the end. Considering that the repair shop forgot to apply thermal paste, is a pretty big deal. Not only could that have destroyed your computer...for a professional to forget one of just a handful of steps in their job, it really speaks volumes. I would definitely advise you to continue to use this site if you have issues with your system in the well looking up articles and videos whenever you can to work on getting more comfortable fixing the issues yourself.

    Really glad everything has worked out though and you were able to get the issue resolved.
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