PC turns OFF while playing games..

I have a big problem. My pc turns off while playing games. :cry:

Problem description:
-PC just shuts off like there is no power
-only happens while playing games, watching vids or playing music is ok

What Ive done so far:
-Reinstalled the GPU drivers
-Tested my GPU and CPU with Prime95 and with FurMark and nothing happend.

Max temp in those tests were 80 C

PC Specs:
Coolermaster 460W PSU
AMD Radeon HD 7750 GPU
Intel Core i3-4130 CPU
Asus B85M-G Mobo
Crucial 8 GB 1600

Please help me :(
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  1. Best answer
    You can check Event Viewer (Start > Search > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System Logs) to see what Windows says about it crashing if anything around the time it happens.

    But, most likely, it's your power supply.

    I'm somewhat surprised prime95 doesn't cause it to crash, but if it's turning off then it's a power draw issue.

    This is the cheapest best one for you:
  2. I bet it's your PSU.
    Try running prime95 and kombuster(Or something to load out your graphics card).
    It will restart again, i bet.
    Then replace PSU with something with a bit more power.
  3. Okay, ill try a new psu. I will reply soon if it works or not.

    Edit: Got a new PSU in and it works :) Thanks for helping!
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