How much heat does a 3.5 hdd make?

Im thinkin about gettin a Cosair air 240 and some reviewers suggested installing a fan on the back section for the hdds. How much heat do they actually produce and is it really worth putting a fan in when its going to be mostly full of cables?
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  1. I think you would honestly be fine. With good cable management that case should have plenty of air flow. I would suggest getting a modular power supply so you can make it look clean.
  2. My own personal drive temps:

    In my case, i have a fan blowing air over my HDD (WD Black). Temp of the drive is 30 Celsius with a 25 Celsius Ambient.

    My other drive (Samsung 840 EVO SSD) is sitting at 31 Celsius, but is not getting much airflow where it is mounted.
  3. I got 2 HDDs and 1 SSD in a mATX case and I have not noticed any change in heat since I added two.
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    Hdds by themselves usually don't put out much heat at all. That said, they are also stuck in areas of the case with either little to no airflow and/or are the recipient of ambient heat especially from a powerful gpu. Basically this means they just sit and bake. Having even a small amount of airflow across the hdd is a blessing and in more than a few cases this is accomplished by a larger or second intake fan, so is not an issue.

    If you are worried about it, use a program like speccy from piriform, its small, easy and free, yet has tons of decent info, including hdd temps. Hdd temps should be @10° above ambient, then push the gpu hard for 15 mins or so, it being the largest heat source, if the hdd temps climb past 20° above ambient then add some airflow, otherwise it's not an issue.
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