3D or 2D surround/eyefinity? - For those that have tried both, which did you find more immersive?

2d surround would be 3 monitors @ 1080 since I already have 2.
3D display hasnt been selected yet.

I'm up in the air about which way to go.
Both avenues appeal to me but a 3d surround is probably not in the budget so that leaves me with a decision. 2d surround would be 3 monitors.

For those that have used both setups, which did you find better or that you used more often?
Any specific reason why?
Anything to lookout for?

My future (soon) build would be an intel 6 core cpu, x99 motherbd, gtx970 G1 gaming (already using), Raid0 ssd's, raid0 storage array, (server for backups), and current monitors are both 1080IPS.

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Since I have worn glasses (now contacts) since an early age 3D never really appealed to me, it just never worked as well for me as for other people, to the best of my knowledge.
    It really depends on what game/program I was using. Some games seem weird on surround when I played them (Such as minecraft a long time ago), but others worked really well (Planetside 2 and Tomb raider). The 3 monitors also gives you much more real estate outside of gaming, and that would be the major draw for me. Only about half my time is spent gaming, the rest is videos, netflix, homework, this site, skype and general web browsing.

    Overall, I prefer surround setups over 3D, as its just always been finicky for me.
  2. TY, I suspect I will find myself in the same boat.
    I'm supposed to wear glasses but hate them so I take everything a little blurry instead. LoL
  3. Yeah I'm -3.0 and -3.5, so its a little more than a little blurry without mine lol
  4. i'm getting there fast myself, every years brings a new stronger prescription and I need new glasses long before my yearly exam comes around. LoL
    I'm pretty sure after this next visit that I'll have to wear them for driving as he will have to report it to our DMV. He warned me on the last exam...
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