Best Budget GPU for AMD FX-6300

I am doing a budget build with a AMD FX-6300 and am having trouble deciding which video card to purchase.

My budget is around 100-150 dollars and I am looking for an Radeon card which will allow me to play most games but not bottleneck my CPU.

I'm thinking about the R9 280 but it is a little expensive and I'm worried about bottle-necking.

Here is my complete build if it helps:

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  1. Get the R9 280 if its a little over your budget then drop the fan controller you can add that later.
    Forget about bottle neck that world should be wiped from your voculabairy.
    Your using a mid range processor and card what do you think the problem would be.
  2. i would no get an fx 6300 i would spend the extra money to go intel unless your not interested in any blizzard games, LOL, PS2 or any other 2 core optimized game i would get this build
  3. Games are becoming more and more GPU bound. It would be better if you go with an FX 6300 and a good GPU that will make it perfect. With Direct X12 on the way, if you are planning to upgrade to Windows 10, go with FX 6300 and a GPU like GTX 970 or 980. GTX 970 would be ideal for its cost performance ration. Together, FX6300 & GTX 970 would be a superb pair for gaming and day to day tasks.
  4. R9 280 will work great with your fx6300 no bottleneck at all and you will play all games on FHD with medium to high detail settings with 30+fps
    and you can even overclock to 4.1-4.2 ghz the cpu with no problem on that build to take extra few fps/performance
  5. R9 280 would be an excellent choice as well. So will be the GTX 970. Choose which ever is cheaper.
  6. How about the R9 270? I have a 6300 (stock) and a R7 265 and it runs games on ultra with an average of 40fps. Planetside 2 on ultra gets 50+ fps with less than 40% usage. If I could choose a GPU again I would have at least gone with a 270, if you have the money stick with the 280. Or just save up until you are able to purchase higher spec components.
  7. The popular 6300+270X is the best,great gaming on 1080p on mixture of mid-high-ultra settings but you can always get the extra juice by getting a better GPU like the GTX 970 or the R9 280 per recommended as the poster above (I use that 6300+970 too, i recommend that too if you had the money)
    The bottleneck issue can be solved by OC'ing the 6300 abit or maybe,or just maybe... a silicon lottery that your 6300 just works well with the 970 without tweaks.
    I had the 270X before, played FC4, Shadow Of Mordor with a mixture of mid-high settings on 40-60+ fps, so if you plan to get the 280X for better gaming capability in the near future, then better get it.
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    TBH the build looks a nicely balanced one, it's usually a good idea to have a little more graphics horsepower in a gaming rig than CPU muscle but if the budget is that tight, drop the frills: Coolers always come with past pre-applied, so no need for the AS, the fan controller and cathodes can always be added later as can a better CPU cooler and TBH the RR HT2 isn't actually that good anyway.
    Right now Newegg do have a GTX960 for around the same price, despite the 'mere' 2Gb of VRAM it's actually a little faster overall than the R9 280 and burns less power.
  9. I agree with coozie, a lower tdp card like the 960 would be great for this build. More room to overclock the cpu if needed. I've yet to hit the 2gb threshold yet on my card, but I do wish I had gotten a more powerful card.
  10. But GTX 970 would be more future proof than GTX 970. On the other hand, 960 would be okay for gaming at medium-high settings. It would add room for Overclocking the CPU if OP is interested in doing that.
  11. toughtrasher said:
    The FX-8300 is fairly weak but if you were to get a graphics card for it I'd suggest the GTX 970. I'd suggest a stronger processor, and this list if you're trying to stay with AMD:

    Its something from 2 years ago mate :)
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