Do i need to buy a CPU Cooler?

Do I need to buy a CPU Cooler or will 2 fans cool off everything in the case?
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  1. If you wont Overclock no need to buy CPU cooler, stock will be fine. unless you want PC to be quieter
  2. You need a cpu cooler - especially if you want to overclock
  3. uhh so do I need one or not? im not overclocking.
  4. Stock voltage (not overclocking)= stock cooler
  5. then do I need a stock cooler?
  6. You should be fine with stock cooler if you are not overclocking but stock coolers are louder.. And Yes you need to have cpu cooler. either stock or aftermarket
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    Noah M said:
    then do I need a stock cooler?

    you get STOCK CPU cooler with your CPU
  8. Thx, I am a big noob! :D
  9. Inside your cpu box there should be an included stock cooler. If it doesn't come with a cooler (tray), then buy an aftermarket cpu cooler. For around $20 you can get a cpu cooler that cools a lot better and quieter than the stock cooler.
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