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Hello guys, I am getting into pc gaming more and recently upgraded to a Razer deathadder chroma mouse. I have a 7 year old logitech keyboard and was thinking about upgrading to a mechanical keyboard. I like blue or green switches and was interested in the Razer Blackwidow Chroma or the Corsair K70 RGB. I am open to other suggestions as well I suppose. I mainly playing H1Z1 and CSGO but also use my computer for other things like editing and surfing the web, and live within 10 minutes of a Micro Center. Thanks!
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    I prefer Corsair myself. The odd looking new logos aside, I'm much more comfortable paying for Cherry switches as opposed to the ones Razer opted to use. I'm sure their switches are perfectly fine, but being that they are essentially the same price, I'd put my money on Cherry for their proven excellence.

    One thing I will say though is that Razer Synapse might be the better software. I use an older K95 (pre-logo switch, pre-RGB) and yikes--the Corsair software is just very limited and, quite frankly, ugly when compared to Synapse (own a Deathadder and previously, an old Lycosa). Just my own personal preference though.
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