Help! Computer won't POST/BIOS or boot now after GeForce 750Ti install

Built many puters but never had this issue: Computer was running fine with below hardware except 750Ti purchased yesterday. Son downloaded drivers for 750Ti card online but doesn't think he installed the drivers. He took out old temporary graphics card which was working and inserted the 750Ti. Within 6 seconds Computer Beeps a couple times and shuts off. Inserted former graphics card which used to work and now it too won't POST or Boot! I plugged in the USB pendrive with windows installation on it that I used to build it a few weeks ago which worked fine but it won't go into install which didn't surprise me since it won't POST/Bios. with the same 6-7 second shutdown. Tried to clear CMOS took battery out then back in still no luck. I know P/S is low wattage but it won't even post using the former graphics or onboard graphics now via DVI or HDMI. We're stuck! Any ideas would be very very appreciated.


Mobo Gigabyte B85M-DS3H
Graphics card: EVGA GeForce 750Ti (Has NO separate 6-pin Power or any on Card)
Power Supply: EVGA 430 watt
CPU Pentium G3258
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  1. are you getting beep error codes? If so, looks up what they mean for your MB
    Do you have a voltmeter handy to measure voltages coming out of PSU?
  2. A week ago before this happened we had a minor issue with USB booting so we used BIOS reset to Default settings which worked. I will try to clear CMOS today. If I can't find a jumper can I use aluminum foil? A tutorial on YTUBE told me that after putting jumper on that you must power up to Clear CMOS? I assumed that you didn't have to power up. I will try that today. I still find it strange that just inserting a new graphics card would make the system inoperable. Will report back and thank you.
  3. Ah Houston a NO GO! Used a jumper no luck. Manual for mobo says take battery out to clear CMOS still no luck. Same situation. power up fans start 6 seconds later there is a 1/2 to 1 second solid 1 beep and it shuts down. Mr Mike yes I do have a volt meter. Where would I put contacts? I have a reliable 350 watt seasonic P/S in another puter. I may try that to see if the current new EVGA P/S is bad. Otherwise maybe the MOBO went south?

    1.AWARD BIOS 1short beep :System normal 2 short beep :CMOS Error 1 long beep and 1 short beep:Memory error 1 long beep and 2 short beep:Graphic card error 1 long beep and 3 short beep :AGP error 1 long beep and 9 short beep :Memory Error Continuous long beep :Memory not correctly installed Continuous short beep :Power supply unit failed 2.AMI BIOS 1 short beep :Memory Error 2 short beep:Memory parity check error. 3 short beep :basic memory 64K address check error 4 short beep :Real Time Clock malfunction . 5 short beep :CPU error 6 short beep:Keyboard error 7 short beep :CPU interruption error 8 short beep:Graphic card error 9 short beep :Memory error 10 short beep :CMOS error 11 short beep :CPU cache memory malfunction

    When CPU is dead then is no sound at all ( on diagnostic display is or 00 or it's not working at all ). When CPU is fine then board is always making some beeps
  4. some mother boards have a set of pins to measure key voltages - not all boards have these pins. In any case, you can measure the +5V and +12 V on the standard power supply connectors: black= GND, I think Red=+5 and yellow is +12 V
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