Gaming build help request ($1200-1500)

I posted in pcparts forum and got a build reply, but nothing regarding my questions/concerns. Reposting in case anyone has something else here because I've always used this place for my build help (been 2 years or more). Also is the GeForce 980 a huge upgrade to the 970 for the 150$ diff?---

Budget: $1200-1500

– Location: Las Vegas, NV (USA)

– Use (Gaming, Rendering, etc): Gaming (would like my graphics card to be able to stream to a flat screen separate from monitor if that's possible to watch TV from pc?)

– Peripherals required (monitor, keyboard/mouse, etc): ALL, using old PC for kids to use. The extra 300 I was leaving out for the monitor (some on newegg for like 250$ for 24" but I'm not sure how good they are for gaming?)

– Operating System required: Yes (was looking at an OEM Windows 8.1 , 64 bit at fry's here in town for 84$)

I'd like this to run high graphical games for the next couple years to come (usually upgrade every 2 or 3 years). If I truly need to increase my budget for that I will but would like to keep it down. I don't do any fancy scripting with my keyboards when I game so it's not required if that kills the budget. I'd like enough RAM to not have to upgrade either.

Truly appreciate all your help! Thanks, wolfespawn
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    Keyboard, mice just get whatever you want for those and the 970 will do great at 1080p no need for a gtx 980 ti quad sli like some people here say
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