Best Video Card for my PC Mother Board: Gigabyte Z87 D3HP, Processor: i5-4587


I'm looking for the best video card for my PC, I'm current using the builtin VGA of my motherboard

My Current PC Specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87 D3HP
Processor: i5-4587
RAM: 2x 4GB Coursair Vengeance
Hard Disk: WD HDD 1 TB
PSU: X-strike 600 Watts
Case; Cougar Challenger ( 1 x 220 mm Intake Fan, 2 x 140 mm Extake Fan , 1 Extake 120mm Extake fan)

I previously owned a sapphire r 9-270x Video Card,but it was broken just this month June 2015. I bought it December 2013 ( 1 year 5 mos)

I can't return it in the shop since its replacement is only good for 1 year.

My Budget: 200$ - 300$ ( I prefer Nvidia, Because just as I mentioned above AMD lasted only on my side for 1 year and 5 mos)

Thanks for your help :)
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    If you are sure it can only be Nvidia, the GTX 960 would be the best for the money.

    But if that PSU is an Aerocool, you don't want to go much more than the 960 anyway.
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