What PC components should I upgrade?

Hi there,

I would really prefer to play games at high or the highest settings with a consistent average of 60fps, and was wondering what exactly I may need to upgrade. At the moment I'm averaging around 30 - 50 fps roughly, on high settings in most games. My specs are:

Motherboard: GA-78 LMT-USB 3
Processor: AMD FX-6300
Graphics Card: MSI R9 280X
PSU: 850W Point Power Supply Unit
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit OS

Any help would be appreciated,
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    I you have the money then you cant go wrong with getting an i5 and a better graphics card. I dont really favor Intel or Amd , but they both are good. I actually own a AMD A10-7870k. If you dont want to spend much then the graphics card. Maybe the MSI R9 290 or a GTX 980/970
    Of you actually going to be upgrading the CPU then you mid as well build a new pc lol because you'd have to get a new board as well
  2. Most imediate is the CPU and consequently the Motherboard...Adding another 8Gb of memory wont hurt either...everything else is ok for now...
  3. Ah damn didn't think i'd need another motherboard, cheers for the responses guys
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