Using 8pin power cable for 6pin GPU slot

Can I connect two 8pin cable sleeves into my 6pin+8pin 280x?
Or will I need to buy one 6pin and one 8pin instead of two 8pin?

The card is a Gigabyte 280x OC.
Looking at these sleeves here.
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  1. all the 8 pins i have seen will split off the last 2 pins so it can be a 6 pin connector. this is why they are usually called "6+2" connectors since it comes apart. look closely at your 8 pin and it probably will come apart. if not, then it is different than any i have seen before.
  2. As far as I can tell from the pictures, the adapter part (that plugs into the GPU) is connected.$_57.JPG
  3. i looked pretty close and can't really tell if it splits or not. what about the psu you have? do they not split apart. seems like a silly question but you would not be the first person to not notice this little feature :)

    but you do need to use a 6 pin connector for the 6 pin input on the gpu. you can't simply push it in with 2 pins hanging outside the connector. i'm pretty sure this would not be a good idea.
  4. Yes, the PSU I have does have the 6+2 pin... its hooked up now.

    Having 2 pins hanging off the side is what I was going for. Why can't that work? It's not really any different than disconnecting the 2 off the 6 and letting it dangle there is it?
  5. in theory it is the same thing so it should work the same. i have never tried it myself so i can't say for sure there won't be any issues.

    but i did pause myself and consider it as an option. only real question is the space between the pins. is it wide enough to let the thicker outer wall of the connector between? is the outer wall even thicker than the inner walls?
  6. Is this the 6+2 Pin adapter that I need to be safe?

    The name is throwing me off with the "6pin to 8pin" label.

    If you could tell me what you think I'd appreciate it.

    Edit: ah, after reading the description it says "used for both 6pin and 8pin" so I'm fairly confident thats the right one... but ya never know I guess
  7. that cord will take a 6 pin connector and make it an 8 pin one. so it does not seem to do what want it to do. such an adapter is not recommended as the 6 pin cable won't give as much power as an 8 pin one. so adapting a 6 pin to an 8 pin will probably leave your gpu with not enough power.

    the first adapter you posted, at second look, will take an 8 (6+2) connector from your psu and simply make it longer. if the added length is what you need then that first one will do the trick.

    last thought i have is that you want the nice color cables and not the ones the psu came with. if this is the case, then you will need to buy cables made for your specific psu. modular cables are not universal and won't work in a different psu than it was made for. so if this is what you want, then you will need to look for one made for your exact psu.

    i hope i have covered the options :) sorry but it's late here and my mind is starting to think of other things.
    i guess i am slightly confused as to why you need this connector in the first place if you already have a 6+2 from your psu. is the problem that you don't have but a single 6+2 and need a second one for the gpu to run? if so then you will need a new psu and not an adapter.
  8. The only reason I'm buying them is for looks.
    Everything is currently working fine, I don't need these cables to fix anything.

    The cables I'm buying will not be connected into the back of my PSU. They will be attached to the end of the cables, like an extension.

    I want a cable for my existing 8 pin (6+2) PSU cable that connects to the 8 pin slot on my GPU.
    I also want a cable for my second existing 8 pin (6+2) PSU cable that connects to the 6 pin slot on my GPU.
  9. Gam3r01 said:

    Needs to be from ebay unfortunately. Using a $50 coupon :)
    Looking for a green one... can't seem to find one from that brand on ebay
  10. ok, so then yes the first cord you posted is exactly what you want.

    i'm sorry i did not clarify right off and talked you in circles. if the 8 pin won't split apart for the 6 pin, then the second cord you posted would do the trick for the 6 pin since it will extend the 6 pin you have and splits for a 6 pin on the other end. so it seems like one of each is the right idea for your needs.
  11. Gam3r01 said:

    The color I need is green. Can't seem to find any on there from silverstone :c
    I found some from a UK brand but they are much more expensive. I've shot the seller a question to clarify on if its an 8 pin or a 6+2... so I'll just wait on that.
  12. I would just get a 6 pin to 6 pin connector, and leave the 2 pins hanging off on the PSU side then.
    Its not as versatile, but options are limited.
  13. Cable sleeves are on their way! :)
  14. hopefully we were able to help after the initial confusion. enjoy the new look :)
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