Which GPU brand is better? Looking at getting a gtx 960

Looking to get a GPU for my gaming needs. The GTX 960 is within my budget and i've read that this is a good card. Ill usually be playing RPG games and FPS games, Witcher 3, fallout 4 and battlefront when it comes out and want to be able to play them in the Ultra detail setting.

These are the choices from my local store, they all have price differences. I want to know which brand is best and if there is a huge difference in performance between a 4gb model and 2gb model. They cost about $50 difference

Asus GTX 960 Strix 4gb
Inno3d GTX 960 HerculeZ X2 OC 2gb
MSI GTX 960 Twin Frozr, 2gb
MSI GTX 960 Twin Frozr, 4gb
Palit GTX 960 Jetstream 4gb
Zotac GTX 960 Mini 2gb

Help me choose a card. Thanks!
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    Go with MSI or ASUS 4GB
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