CSGO (and general) stuttering, doesn't fix unless I CTRL+ALT+DEL, tried TONS of things incl. NEW COMPUTER, still can't fix.

Alright so I was having graphical issues with my old GTX 660 on my old computer and figured it was just the card. Upgraded to a GTX 970 and issues/stuttering/crashing still occurred (found out my CPU or MOBO was dying which is understandable because they were old as fuck, so I thought THEY were causing the issues). So I went out and bought entirely new parts from Newegg and put together a BRAND NEW COMPUTER, all parts new except for the SSD/HDD.

I don't experience any artifacting but while I'm in CSGO, my game will oftentimes just freeze while the sound loops over and over again. Windows key doesn't fix it. Alt+Tab doesn't fix it. The only thing that works strangely enough is just pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then I can tab back into my game and everything is back to normal. Sometimes the game will even just close itself for no reason, no error sign, nothing. Just straight to desktop.

I don't really experience any issues in any other games. I'm sure if I tried League of Legends it would do the same thing.

I had my new processor very conservatively overclocked and I even set that back to default. I set BIOS to default, stress tested all my parts, all parts seem functional. I have tried well over 6-7 different nVidia driver versions, all producing the same results (just some stuttering less frequently than others). I've reinstalled Windows several times. I use DDU every time I reinstall drivers, I don't install 3D, GeForce, or HD Audio.

Hell this time around I reinstalled Windows, flashed BIOS to newest version, updated Chipset. I sent my GTX 970 back to Newegg to get a free replacement so for now I'm on my old GTX 660. However, fresh install of Windows, only program I have even remotely related to my hardware is MSI Afterburner and that's just to manually turn the fan speed on my card up so it doesn't overheat. Played for 20 minutes ,seemed fine, boom screen freezes, audio stuttering, ctrl+alt+del, fixed.

I have no fucking clue what the hell this could be other than REALLY shitty nVidia drivers but even then, I built a brand new computer and STILL have these issues. I know a lot of others have these same issues but I can't tell if my GTX 660 AND my old GTX 970 were fucked or if there is something genuinely wrong with my brand new build. Is there ANY WAY it could be my RAM sticks? That's the last thing I haven't touched. I was told that faulty RAM couldn't produce that stuttering or driver failure and shit so I didn't bother.
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  1. try playing in windowed mode, not full screen, that's all I can think of, I haven't played any counter strike games, but I get these kind of 'symptoms' while changing settings in tf2 while in full screen. try that, if it works, yay, if not, awe, also have you tried adjusting the settings on the game?
  2. from you other post, you oc your system, did you try removing the oc and run the game?
  3. rgd1101 said:
    from you other post, you oc your system, did you try removing the oc and run the game?

    Yeah I mentioned somewhere in there I've tried at BIOS default, OC Genie's preset OC, and my custom conservative OC, all same.


    I'm crossing my fingers here, but I went into the power options, high performance, advanced, and my Hard Drive was set to disable itself after 20 minutes for some fucking reason. Also, USB devices had a "suspend" setting that was Enabled, so I Disabled that. I also went to the nVidia control panel and turned on maximum performance for power, and for "Shader cache" I disabled it.

    One of those options seems to have fixed it (so far). I played two entire CSGO casuals and didn't have one stutter. I also capped my fps to 200 instead of leaving it uncapped but I doubt that had any affect.

    Edit: Should note that I did try the nVidia Control Panel "Maximum Performance" for power before all of this and it didn't fix it alone, so I'm leaning toward the USB/Hard Drive power settings or disabling Shader Cache for CSGO.

    Edit 2: Just played another 30 minutes, no stuttering at all.
  4. Played a lot more today and it wasn't happening, then it stuttered two times in a span of about 5 minutes, I ctrl+alt+del, and here the drivers crashed and restarted themselves. Then it stuttered again 10 minutes later, then 5-10 minutes later the gam eliterally just closed itself. No error, no stutter, nothing. Just went to desktop and I had to restart it.
  5. Could it in anyway be a faulty PSU? As I said I built a new computer and have an EVGA B2 750W PSU so I don't think that'd be the issue. I could maybe try a different PCI cable? I saw a post where a guy just switched the PSU cable on his PSU and his issues stopped happening.
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