Buying a new ssd for my windows 8.1 pc (How to move windows to ssd)

Hello guys! What's up? Today i ordered a new ssd drive (Hyperx Fury) so it will work together with my old HDD. On this HDD windows 8.1 are installed. As it is obvious, i would like to move windows to the new ssd for a faster boot up etc...How am I going to do this? Windows are official, but i bought this pc from a store and they gave me a recovery cd...I did a research before posting this video and i saw the ways i could move windows to this :
1) Reinstall windows on ssd
2) Hard drive clone software...
I dont want to have a data loss.. How am i going to do this ? Pc is AMD based and my mobo is msi 990fxa gd 65 if those info matter...
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  1. You can migrate windows with samsung migration software. But it migrates everything. And your SSD has to be big enough.

    Simplest way is to just install Windows on the SSD. Most people have the Windows disk that came with their PC. If you don't then you'll have to download the ISO file and use the product key that should be on your PC.
  2. As i said, I have the recovery cd... The file in this disc is about 4gb so no, there are no windows in there ^_^ . One more thing is that they didnt gave me a product key, i found it with a 3rd party software.. can i use it again?
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    Yes - you can use it on the same PC.
  4. Thank you so much :) Any trusted source to download windows 8.1 ?
  5. I need to pay again from what i see :O
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