Dell XPS 8500 PSU/GPU upgrade

Hello everyone. I decided on upgrading my Dell XPS 8500 graphics card to a gtx 970 ftw+ (from a gt 640)which means id also have to upgrade the power supply since its only 460 watts. I did some searching, and I found a PSU that I think might work with it. So my question is, would an EVGA 600 B1 be compatible with the XPS and the graphics card in terms of connectors and everything? Thank you very much for your answer.

evga 600 B1:

gtx 970 ftw +:
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    they had issues early on with that upgrade but I see they have a newer bios that should resolve this and now the card should work

    just get the latest bios .. for the 8700 xps I think is bios a10 resolved ? may want to research this some more to confirm for your 8500 ..

    good luck
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