First Gaming Pc Build; Compatibility; Need Advice

I plan on ordering these parts, along with their required wiring and whatever else I need. Before ordering I'd like some confirmation of the compatibility of these components. If you have any advice of what I will need to change, it would be great if you could share that.

Other than a couple of Sata cables and the obvious mouse, keyboard, and monitor, what other components/wiring do I need for sure?

I am fairly inexperienced with Pc building so any advice is greatly appreciated. My lack of knowledge lies in what materials I need to do this successfully. I know for sure that I am fully capable of putting it together.

Below is a link that will direct you to the list of parts that I found and plan on ordering.

Sorry for the long description. :\
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    I would get a 2x4GB kit, get rid of the cooler since you can't overclock, and since you want to game I would downgrade to an i3 and get a better GPU maybe a 960 if you can afford it
  2. Looks good to me. You look like you are pretty limited so this is fine.

    You can upgrade the GPU later to have a good PC for gaming since that CPU is great.
  3. You shouldn't need any extra wiring, that PSU should have it all
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