whats the better gpu? the sapphire R9 280x vapor-x 3gb or the sapphire R9 380 nitro 4gb

whats the better gpu? the sapphire R9 280x vapor-x 3gb or the sapphire R9 380 nitro 4gb?
please consider price, wattage (how big i need my psu to use each of these) and overall performance. this will be for all types of games ranging from dayz standalone to smile to cs go to the witcher 3.
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  1. If I remember right, the 380 is a renamed 280 which means that the 280x is the better one; but we better let the GPU experts chime in to be sure.
  2. Yep, the 280x is a bit (really tiny bit) better...

    But, the 380 will have more future support probably (including dx12)....

    If you can, grab a 390 XD.
  3. the only problem i have with getting a bigger gpu is the size of my case :( the larger gpu's wont fit, so im stuck with having to get a smaller one that will fit my case as well as i need it to run off a 550w corsair rm psu...
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    Small, low power and a lot better than that 2 you posted... XD
  5. oh really? so do you have any idea how much FPS i would get on a variety of different games?
  6. and is this one you put better than the r9 270x as well yeah...?
  7. Hope this will clarify XD

  8. Thanks, just another quick thing...this probably sounds so stupid but is that for the full size 970 GPU only or does that apply to the mini one you linked me?
  9. Its supposed to be similar, just taking the smaller one can take 2-3% less?, that and can't be OC so much compared to the big ones (less refrigeration so... XD)
  10. hiya just lookign around for the gtx 970 mini card you showed me and i found this msi gtx 970 twin forzer 4gb i was just wondering i know these are pretty much the same card i was just wondering what differences do they actually have and which one is overall better, thanks
  11. Better the bigger one, better refrigeration = a bit more performance (2-3%) and can be overclocked more (which gives even more performance.
  12. so the twin frozer is the better one?
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