I need a new power supply- mine burnt out. I have an ASUS P5ND motherboard and cannot find info on compatibility. Can anyone t

I found a XFX Core Edition PRO850W on Newegg that looked like it would be ok, but I don't know if it is compatible with the ASUS P5ND.
Here is the link:
I currently have Seagate one 160 gig hard drive, one 1TB hard drive, PNY gforce GXT 550TI, a DVD player, a bunch of fans for my case.... I would like more power than less as the computer will need upgrades in the future. (many older parts at this point to switch out eventually)
Any help would be much appreciated! Even a website that can help with compatibility!!!
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    Power supplies and motherboards are all compatible anymore. And have been for years.

    So what is making you think otherwise?
  2. +1 they're all compatible with each other. Even if you have a 20 pin ATX connector and a 24 pin board you can still plug it in and it'll work. Likewise a 4pin CPU connector can plug into an 8-pin CPU plug and work fine. Compatibility issues are non-existent with power supplies/boards. From here it's about if your PSU can handle whatever upgrades you want, and... well an 850w will support pretty much anything you can think of aside from some heavy duty SLI/Crossfire Builds
  3. Thank you both so much! That explains why I could not find compatibility info online LOL
  4. There are other sized power supplies. Most of those are either SFX or TFX sized. You do NOT want either of those... They are much more like the shape of a loaf of bread than the square power supply that you want.

    Make sure what you buy is ATX sized.

    And if you want advice on what you are thinking about buying, just ask us. There are very high quality power supplies out there, and there is absolute junk power supplies, and you would often be surprised by the name brands on some of the junk ones. So please come ask us before you buy a power supply.
  5. @mark- I posted a link as a part of my original answer- how does that one look?
  6. I would advise to buy a high-quality 650W power supply instead of that 850W unit unless you're planning a monster upgrade in the future. Modern components use less power than equivalent parts from 5-6 years ago. My overclocked i5-4690K draws less than 100W while my old CPU, an overclocked Q6600 was sucking more than 130W.

    Even if you are planning a $2000 upgrade in the future (6 or 8 core socket 2011v2 CPU, 2 GPUs in SLI / Crossfire), it's better to get a good 500-650W unit now and a new 850W one later with the new parts.
  7. The power supply you linked is a Tier 1 power supply. Best of the Best. And its got enough capacity, that you should be able to upgrade things as you want over the next 4-5 years without needing to worry about the capacity of the power supply.
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