Roll the Dice? Which social media network should I choose?

I'm not sure which social media website to use. Which one is easiest to reach people on a global scale most effectively/efficiently. They always seem to give you the run around or put all types of restrictions on what you can do. Need help.
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  1. facebook i would assume
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  2. Since it free, any of them.
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  3. Depends what you are into. If you're interested in casually keeping up with old friends I would recommend Facebook. If you are particularly interested in pictures and photography I would recommend Instagram. Twitter is great for keeping up with news but not so much people. If I could only keep one for the rest of my life it would be Facebook due to the fact that there it is the best way to keep up with people.
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    yeah might help if you explained what you wanted to achieve
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  5. mcnumpty23 said:
    yeah might help if you explained what you wanted to achieve

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  6. Sound seems, you are looking social platform for business purposes. So, at this stage Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin these all social platforms are good to reach at Global Scale. But how much you can grow in social network it depends how much time you are giving that profiles. And how you are reacting on participation.
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  7. If it's for promoting your product/service - EVERY social website.
    There are softwares that allow you to publish one post on different sites at the same time (it does it automatically).
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  8. Depends on what you're using it for. Facebook is good for socialising and keeping informed with your peers. The other main one I use would be twitter. I find it particularly good for keeping abreast of what's going on in the world. I don't use it so much for keeping up to date with the thoughts of friends, but more for looking at what important/notable people are saying on a range of issues.
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