How much better will Skylake perform over Haswell? More $$$?

Hello all,

I am building a new gaming and editing rig soon and I have a few questions about the new Skylake architecture that is apparently coming out soon. Will these cpu's be more expensive, and will they perform significantly better in a high end, dual graphics card pc.

Thanks :)
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    Until Skylake has been benchmarked against Haswell, nobody can say how much better or worse the performance will be.

    Intel release CPUs on a tick-tock cycle; in other words, tick represents the first line of CPUs with a new architecture (such as Ivy Bridge 22nm) and tock represents a CPU refresh on the same architecture (such as Haswell 22nm). Currently, Broadwell represents the tick and Skylake will represent the tock.

    My assumption is that the new Broadwell and Skylake CPUs, with their 14nm architecture, show that Intel is more focused on delivering efficiency rather than outright power.
    if the launch date is right in a few weeks you should have some bench mark info and prices on the new cpu.
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