Very future proof system for a average user?

I need to build a new pc for someone who is kind of a average user maybe a little more.
He wants a SSD (128-256gb) and a raid 1 array for safety of his files.
I was thinking about a i5 and 16gb of ram. What would be a good pc for not too much money?

Nevermind after some searching I found this:
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
2x Seagate Barracude 1TB
CM Hyper 212 Evo
Intel Pentium G3258
Asrock Z97 Anniversary
Silverstone Precision PS07B
Corsair CX600M
Crucial Ballistic Sport 2x8GB
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  1. That would 100% depend on exactly what the PC would be used for.
  2. A 256GB SSD is appropriate. A RAID1 isn't. A quality disk and USB3 external disk for backup are a MUCH better implementation. RAID only protects against disk failure (buying a quality disk mitigates that problem). It doesn't protect from user deletion, virus, etc. Buy Acronis True Image, set up a daily backup schedule for critical data, a weekly schedule for important data, and manual tasks for other things (system image, etc). Rotate TWO USB disks so that one is powered off at all times. That prevents loss from virus etc. If desired store one USB disk at an off site location to protect against theft and fire etc.
  3. Raid doesn't protect files. Backups do. Raid has a couple of uses but mainly to keep data accessible during a hardware(hdd) failure.

    The files could still be deleted, corrupted, or completely wiped out by fire, flood, or some other catastrophic event which wouldn't be overcome with any type of raid. Backups(including off-site copies) are to only real protection for files.
  4. sorry mate theres no such thing as future proof. especially with that build as its a dual core.
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