Need help choosing a graphics card!

So it is my first time building a gaming pc and I really want to get the best possible rig for my money! I am currently having some trouble selecting a gpu. I am leaning towards either a r9 290 or r9 380 but don't know which will run the best. I've also looked into a gtx 970 but have had trouble fitting it in my budget of about $800-$850. My goal in this pc is that it will be able to run higher end games like advanced warfare, gta v, and batman: arkham knight, etc. at really good settings. Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    All those cards a good performers. I'd personally take an R9 290 over the 380 if you can find one (it's much more powerful!). To be honest the performance boost you get from going up to a 970 isn't that much so on a budget the 290 is a beast.

    The settings you'll be able to run at partly depend on the screen your using, an R9 290 should be good to run high or better settings in almost all games at 1920 x 1080p. If you have a higher resolution screen than that the 290 should still cope, but you'll probably need to turn the settings down a bit.
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