IS this a good gaming rig? can it run bf4 and gta v on 1080p?

is this a good gaming pc? for the price? and can it run most of the games on 1080p?

maybe suggestions or changes?
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  1. It is quite good.
  2. Looking at the parts you have listed, it should run BF4 and most games at 1080 on all the max settings just fine, however GTA V is demanding, you'll be able to play it at 1080 but maybe not all max settings.
  3. This will max all games at 1440p. It will definatly max GTA V
  4. I have a build that is only a little under these specs and I can play BF4 on Ultra with no problems. GTA V is a bit more tricky simply because there is a massive range of settings, but it certainly beats the pants off of the console versions on high settings across the board, just not maxed. It's a nice build though!
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    Same build with few improvements (in my opinion) :
    Much better PSU, that Cooler Master is probably poor quality unit. See -
    Better value CPU. though i5 4690 is a great option too.
    Better 2x4gb memory kit for dual channel.
    Cheaper, solid full sized ATX solid motherboard. See -
  6. okey thank you all, i'm not sure about my build, i was wondering if the msi r9 390 maybe will be a better choise than the msi gtx970? and yeah i will change it a litle bit
  7. r9 390 might be a better choice, take a look :
  8. thank you, you said dual channel is better, i saw some different ram with CL 9, CL10 and CL 11 like that
  9. Yes, dual channel will be better (might up to 15% performance boost). Aim for lower CL, 9 is fine.
  10. thanks man, what should you change? to fit the r9 390 in it
  11. Actually i have found this one :
    Slightly cheaper and give you a headroom, for r9 390. great quality Super Flower unit.
  12. link doesn't go to the product, maybe name?
  13. 650 Watt Super Flower Amazon Non-Modular 80+ , € 59,12*
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