Better Upgrade: 980Ti Card or 27"qHD GSync Monitor?

Which would you suggest as a better upgrade, monitor or card?

I currently have:

BenQ 24" 1920x1200 TN panel monitor

I want to upgrade by getting:

GTX 980 Ti
27" Gsync Monitor with 144hz at 2560x1440 pixel resolution - Acer XB270HU or ASUS ROG PG278Q

And if the monitor is the way to go, do I wait for the new ASUS IPS? Or will that end up costing $1000+? I'm currently leaning toward either the ASUS or the Acer 27 inch 144hz Gsyncs.

And will I find that with the new monitor, that the GTX 970 won't have quite the horsepower to drive the higher resolution at high/ultra settings and still maintain 60+ frames per second? Vsync is very very very important to me and I will always take lower graphics settings rather than sacrifice anything under solid 60fps. This makes animation look fluid and gives it that real 3d-ish feel.

**** So which is it? The monitor (and which one), or the new card? ****
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  1. The monitor will most likely last much longer, and be a more worthwhile upgrade. Nvidia Pascal is coming soonish (2016?), so maybe consider that? Yeah the 970 won't max out on high res games with a 144hz monitor, but it doesn't mean it won't look better. You will probably have to turn down settings more though.

    I'd say do a 144hz 1440p Gsync, and then either save for a new GPU or SLI.

    PS: All of those links are broken.
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