How long will my DDR2 system be good for high-end games?

I have a 6 year old PC which has been upgraded several times.
My PC consists of the following:

ASUS M4N78 Pro motherboard (since 2009)
8GB (4x2Gb) OCZ Platinum x2 + OCZ Reaper x2 Dual-channel DDR2 @1056mhz (since 2009)
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3,17Ghz, 1,475V (since 2012)
Coolermaster Hyper 212 CPU cooler (since 2009, fans replaced 2013)
Corsair TX650 PSU 650W, non-modular (since 2009)
Club3D HD 7870 2GB Videocard (since 2013) not overclocked
Samsung SSD evo 840 @ Sata-600 (since 2014)
Motherboard has added pci-e Sata-600 controller)
Hitachi HDT721064SLA360 (596 GB) HDD (since 2009)
Creative Audigy 4 sound card (since 2010)
Casing is coolermaster with Fans at front and back (since 2009)

I recently started playing games again on this rig and I noticed a few things.
In BF4 I can run at high from default settings and can run at well over 40 Fps
But in Tropico 5 however, it wouln`t run wiith my ram in 800mhz mode.
I solved this by overclocking the FSB, because the motherboard doesnt support 8Gb @ 1066mhz
I managed to get the RAM to 1056mhz without the motherboard crashing and managed to play tropico 5 with excellent frame rate.

How does this work with modern games and Ram, BF4 was happy to run with the ram @ 800mhz
and a less intensive game like tropico 5 didnt run at first @ 800mhz

Is it really time to upgrade MB + Ram and maybe CPU?
Or will this system be okay to run games for several years to come?

I know the PSU is from corsair, but should it be wise to consider replacing?
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    That hasn't got long left, the CPU is really the stand out issue right now for me. The graphics card isn't bad by todays standards, about mid range.

    I'm not sure what effect the RAM has on modern games but if you said it struggled with Tropico 5 then things will only get worse.
  2. I`ve watched CPU load during BF4 on 64 player maps, it averages 75% load, with peaks in the 80`s.
    That`s not much overhead, I must admit. But during the game I am able to switch between programs smoothly

    I do worry about the Ram speed and the PSU life that is left
  3. Thanks for pointing out the CPU as a bottleneck, I`ve got into overclocking it some more.
    It is currently stable at 3436Mhz at 56C under load and the Aida64 test gives it a score of 33318 in the CPU queen benchmark in stead of roughly 27000 @ 2800mhz, so at 3436Mhz that`s more than a stock 1100t and only 3000 scorepoints short of a Fx-8350.
    I will be looking to upgrade my system, but for the time being it will manage the games currently on the market

    Thanks for pointing out the CPU limitation

    I also read into videocards a bit more and apparently the 7870`s chip is still being used in the R9 270x, it`s just clocked slightly higher in the new cards. but basicly same technology
  4. In the last weeks I got into overclocking my system a bit more, I managed to up the NB frequency to around 2280mhz
    I lowered the Ram speed to about 1020mhz (due to instability), but the increased nb gave a nice boost in AIDA64 memory benchmarks.
    In AIDA64 my read speed went, compared between stock settings (800mhz, NB at stock 2ghz) and OC settings, from 11447Mb/s to 14397Mb/s. Write speed from 7109Mb/s to 8105Mb/s and copy speed from 10565 Mb/s up to 13224Mb/s.

    The new results are comparable to DDR3 1333mhz CL9 systems, in AIDA64 the system now compares to a 1100T (stock settings) with DDR3 1333mhz CL9. I hope my system (and all DDR2 user`s systems still out there) will last a few more years. The latency of the old DDR2 has got an edge over the newer Ram.
    I`m running my ram at 5-5-5-18-26 @ 2.1 V
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