How to fix loose port directly on external hard drive enough to extract data? :(

I have a Buffalo 1 T external hard drive and the port to connect the cable to the hard drive itself is loose and shaky making connecting it to my laptop impossible unless I hold it and even then it connects then says it got disconnected. This makes it very hard and almost impossible for me to transfer my data to another hard drive. How can I fix this or any suggestions?? : ( help, I just need it to connect enough so i can extract my data ..
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    Crack open the Buffalo enclosure without using any impact force and examine the drive's native interface to check if it's a proprietary interface or not.

    If it isn't proprietary but instead is a standard SATA or IDE, you can remove the drive from the enclosure and either mount it internally inside a PC, or buy a new third-party enclosure for the drive.
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