Crc error, how to fix it....

Few days earlier my pc was working fine but now when i install games like bf3,avatar,cod7 it giving me a crc error..
It also happens when i extracts some acrhives of other games
Pls someone help me..
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  1. CRC errors mean something is corrupting the files, usually either on the storage device or as they are being processed by the system.

    In the first case, you may want to run the HDD/SSD manufacturer's diagnostic tool to see if something may have gone wrong with it. In the second case, one of the most common problem is bad RAM, so you may want to run memtest86 for a few hours and see if you get any errors there.

    Another possibility is malware corrupting files.
  2. I had used crystaldiskinfo software..
    That software was giving me reallocated sector count warning in my hard drive
    Is this thing is causing crc error...
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    From Google and other companies HDD failure prediction research, reallocated sector count is one of the most reliable drive failure indicator. In the Google paper I read a few years ago, they said appearance of the first reallocated sector has the strongest correlation with drive failure within the next few two or three months.

    The way reallocated sectors work is that if the drive is no longer able to read a sector due to physical damage to the recording media, it will remap the sector to its spare table. When this happens, the data in the damaged sector is usually lost - corrupted beyond repair as far as the drive can tell.

    Start backing up your data elsewhere before any more of it gets corrupted or lost when the drive decides to fail completely.
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