Is The Asus Sabertooth Z87 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard Good

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  1. Yes the Sabertooth is a good one, I prefer the Z97-A or their Z97 Pro Gamer in that price range
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    forevermanfred said:

    IF you are looking for a mobo with long term reliability it is a very good board. TUF(sabertooth) series is all about reliability, and while long-term reliability is easy to evaluate in a standard usage, ASUS are confident to give their TUF series the their longest warranties.

    Among their not so strong areas,

    Sabertooth are not the mobo's for which you may say that they are VFM i.e. they are bit heavy on purse.
    - AI Suite 3 is glitchy, but that issue is mostly said to be resolved after updates.
    - Thermal Armor is too bulky and in the way to install bigger Cooler parallel to the rear IO shield
    - Screw holes for mounting the board to a case are behind the Thermal Armor, so you kinda have to drop the screw into the hole if you don't use a magnetic screwdriver.
    - Assist fans are a little loud for my taste, but aren't too bad.

    That said, i will reiterate if you are looking for long term value proposition, there are not not many board which can compete with Saber....
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