Should I buy a new PC or upgrade components? Need help!


I must admit, I am not good at this and I hope one of you awesome knowledgeable people out there can help me, so that I do not make a mistake. My current specs are:

Intel Core i7-2600K CPU
MSI Z68A-GD65(G3)(MS-7681) Motherboard
16 gig DDR3 dual channel RAM DRAM Frequency: 665.1Mhz Corsair
Nvidia Geforce GTX 570

My main objective with the PC is to be able to stream games using OBS without lag, mainly competitive games such as LoL, CS:GO, Hots. But also the occasional single player game. I currently have some lag with games while I stream.

So my question is can I upgrade any of the components to give me a big boost in performance or should I simply save up and buy a PC?

Thanks in advance, I hope some of you nice expert can help me!
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  1. Well the only component from that setup that might be having trouble is probably the GPU.
    I suggest getting a GTx 970 which should be quite a noticeable upgrade from the GTX 570 of yours.
  2. I have about the same specs and I run a gtx 650. Most games run @ 720 and run about 50 fps low/med settings. I would go gtx 970 just like Mike said and even better if you got the money. Also are you streaming over wifi? For me that's a no no unless you got the right gear. A good quality router is needed for flawless wifi gaming/streaming. You can upgrade your Ethernet cables to Cat6 if your wired into your router/modem. That's about all I can think of to improve you gaming experience. Try the Titan. I will in the future I play allot of Titanfall. Hope this helps and Welcome to TomsHardware.
  3. the only thing i would upgrade is your gpu to a 900 series if you can afford it. if you cant i would say a 760 or 780ti is your next best bet.
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