GTX 680 4GB or GTX 770 2GB

Hi guys, I know there already is a topic like this out there but mu situation is a bit different.
So my GPU died and now I need to save for a new one. Until then I found the GTX 680 4GB and GTX 770 2GB second hand for the same price. Both are Gigabyte.

So my set is this:
CPU - i7 2600K
2x monitors HP - 1440x900 each (ofc)
Power Supply - 550W

Yes, I do play games which is what pulls me towards the 770, BUT I also work with 3ds Max, After Effects, Unreal Engine and more which pulls me towards the 4GB 680.

So I now have less than 18 hours to decide which one would be better for me until I save enough for a new one. Please help and thanks in advance!
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    They use the same chip. The GTX 770 was a rebadge of the GTX 680. The clocks are a little different, but the 680 should overclock to similar levels. For the same price, I would definitely go for the larger RAM.
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