What PC do we need? At our Church we’re running a Tricaster 40 live streaming with 2 Sony Z1E Camcorders & use CS6,

We had a power mac for years with 4 intel Processors & never had problems multi tasking (FCP & Photoshop at the same time) and rendering. A programmer decided to go for a Gaming PC that bottles with CS6 and to me it isn’t good enough but he swears that this PC is good please help us with something that will do the job & last for years, here's the specs:

• AMD X4 860K Quad Core 3.70
• 16 GB Ram
• asus 97
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  1. That's miles ahead of any power mac available so doesn't make any sense if that can't do what the old did. The thing about rendering these days is it'll use resources more optimally so even with a better cpu it can still bog it down just rendering faster. You can see if selecting just 3 cores will help. Check cpu, gpu, ram, and ssd usage to see which is an issue.
  2. Power Mac's have intel quad and 8 core Processors and the AMD X4 CPU cost £55.00, it reminds me off my first PC I had in 1999 useless that is for cs6 or any multi task.
  3. Are you talking mac pros and not power macs? What exactly were the specs of the mac?
  4. yes, I'd have to ask the guy who has it.
  5. Honestly it's probably the CPU. AMD tendsto be lower performance per core than intel when encoding. An AMD with more cores would probably handle things a lot better. I hate to plug another site but there is a place where you could roughly compare your current CPU against different ones. Toms hardware used to do CPU charts, and Anandtech hosts this:


    At least it'll give you a rough idea of if more cores might help.

    Having only one SSD might bottleneck it to while it's processing, especially if it doesent support trim or garbage collection at idle. What that means is:
    SSDs spread the writes out over all the memory cells to prevent wear of any one block of memory too soon. Before new stuff can be written to a used block it has to be erased again, during that erasing the SSD speed can be dog slow (crap) until it's done. If your doin stuff while that happens..stuff slows to a crawl. Most SSDS now "recycle" empty spaces during idle times when the computer is doing nothing. That is what garbage collection is. Trim is the on demand version of garbage collection.

    It could be also that the drives just have poor I?O performance and adding another would split the workload between 2 of them.

    You may want to look into putting a few more drives in, and doing a raid 0 +1 setup for better I/O performance and reliability. The raid 0 for performance and the 1 means redundancy. You'd need 3 to do that. Putting it in raid 0 also doubles the Apparent capacity as it sees both drives as one and adds the sizes together. So your redundant drive (the "1") has to be as big as the other two together (3 drives) or you need two of them (4 drives)
  6. Honestly on a budget I would have gone for a 6 or 8 core amd fx + a 960 for cuda rendering (roughly twice the cuda processing power of the 750ti)
    Your guy got it eight with 16gb ram & a ssd but really you want a second drive in there as suggested above - even a decent 500gb/1tb 7200rpm drive will do the job just for rendering/transcoding video.
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