Liquid cooling question.
That is my build, but my main question is, what companies to avoid? I know everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to parts and so forth, but generally people get pretty set on certain companies, but most can agree on which ones to avoid.
Honestly I do not want to reseat my hyper 212 eve, if it is not going to solve not being able to overclock over 4 without heat issues when testing.
Quick nub question. Giving Armored warfare early access a shot but run into video driver crashing. People running my same graphics card (gtx 660) not having issues with crashes. Could this be due to CPU? I know I am not running too hot on my current overclock. Just trying to narrow crap down on my end is all.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. What CPU/GPU temps are you getting currently? I'd record GPU temps with something like GPU-Z and CPU w/ RealTemp. Dust buildup in GPU? Maybe try another set of drivers may help. UEFI update for your motherboard?
  2. GPU never have an issue with temps. I run intel extreme tuning utility and do not get over 65 C. So tried Intel Burn Test and shut down 2nd test when it hit 90 C.
    Since the beta testing has come out, Nvidia has come out with multiple drivers and none have corrected or made the issue worse.
    I will clean dust today on GPU, but if temps are not an issue, would dust somehow cause an issue?
    I am leery of doing a BIOS update, should I be concerned?
    Here is what I found on the BIOS on update, but a bit confused.
    wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion-tossed that in Run to find bios and it spat out 5.6.5. Went to site and here is the link, that only shows release dates as the versions.
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    I'd scratch the BIOS update, as the newer version is just for Broadwell CPU support. If your CPU is hitting 90C, that's definitely to hot. However, games don't push the CPU to 100% like IBT and other stresstests will, so your CPU shouldn't be near that hot during gaming sessions. The heat/dust generally go together, so if your GPU temps are fine, dust isn't likely to be an issue. Are other games crashing, or just this Beta Access game? If so, it could be driver related or bugs that need sorted before final game is released. Just because others have the same card and don't crash, doesn't guarantee you'll have the same experience.
  4. This is where my frustration comes into play. I have tried many different things with troubleshooting. I get crashes on vid card, but I get crashes that are of total system. It does not get to BSD, not sure why, but con not cnt+alt+del, have to do a reboot.
    I have done a underclock as heard there is issues on the gtx 660 with its factory overclock so bring it to normal clock.
    I played world of tanks, but not much anymore, played for a hour and no crashes there. Did not look at temps or what my system was running as far as clocks though either.
    If my CPU was maxing would it crash my vid driver ever?
    Just pull out my hair as i am not great at the hardware part and troubleshooting, but learning.
  5. I don't think a maxed out CPU would cause a crash, but it would indicate your CPU is the bottleneck for your overall gaming performance. With your CPU though, that's not going to be a problem. Have you tried running a bootable Memtest86? Based on your description it sounds like your PC is hardlocking vs. BSOD. You may want to try some other games just to see what happens. Did you by chance check the minidump folder which is in your Windows folder? Since you tried multiple Nvidia drivers, that doesn't seem likely IF other games exhibit the same problem. For hardlocks, I generally check temps, memory tests, and stress PSU(benchmarks, ect.)for common culprits after multiple driver updates. Still, I'd try to record CPU/GPU Beta game temps to make sure that's not the issue using the software I mentioned earlier.
  6. Played some World of Tanks last night with no crashes.
    This is why I believe I have ruled out my GPU for most part. Here is where I have recorded my GPU with gigabyte OC guru.
    Date Time GPU Clock(MHz) Memory Clock(MHz) GPU Voltage(V) Power(%) GPU Temperature('C) FAN Speed(RPM)
    07-26-2015 17:56:14 1124 6010 1.175 92 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:17 1124 6010 1.175 98 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:20 1124 6010 1.175 94 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:23 1124 6010 1.175 94 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:26 1124 6010 1.175 90 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:29 1124 6010 1.175 88 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:32 1124 6010 1.175 89 64 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:35 1124 6010 1.175 86 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:38 1124 6010 1.175 89 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:41 1124 6010 1.175 91 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:44 1124 6010 1.175 89 65 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:47 1124 6010 1.175 39 59 2130

    07-26-2015 17:56:50 1032 6010 1.087 37 58 1440

    07-26-2015 17:56:53 1032 6010 1.087 36 57 1470

    07-26-2015 17:56:56 1032 6010 1.087 37 57 1650
    Thought I recorded some crashes with the factory overclock off, but guess not.
    I was using Intels extreme tuning utility to monitor CPU, but when driver would crash, it would crash as well. This did not happen everytime. So I would use OCCT to monitor it. Here are my extremes while gaming.
    CPU useage-100%
    memory used-4268
    high temp-74 bit high, but nothing that would crash my system. Was 100 F here today, and air conditioner on the fritz.
    When I did my overclock I did leave the core voltage mode-adaptive
    Processor Cache voltage-adaptive

    Will run a memtest, and thanks for the help, it is appreciated.
  7. No problem. I'll keep an eye out for the Memtest results.
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