Computer runs into safe mode after i turn it on.

I recently installed a new hard drive after my old one died from bad sectors. So my problem is that after that everything works fine until i tried to turn on my computer the other day and it just turns on but the screen is black. After i checked the GPU cables and restarted a few times it showed me a massage on a black screen (BIOS massage?) and told me to press F1 for BIOS settings or F2 to just run the default settings. After i F2 it turns on to something that looks like safe mode ( screen resolution is like in safe mode ) and after i restart from there it goes back to normal like it should in the first place. Sorry if its too long and sorry for bad eng.
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  1. Try resetting the BIOS.

    Some boards have a button, some have a jumper.
    Or take the battery out
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