Could i use an old computer case to build a new gaming PC?

I have an old Dell Dimension 5000 and I was hoping I could use the case of that PC to house new components, rather than buying a new case.
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  1. Short answer: Yes you can use it.

    longer answer: A case is just metal or plastic in a convenient box shape that holds all of the good stuff. What you can fit inside is another issue all together.

    It is a mid sized ATX case so it should fit most things but it isn't specifically set up for water cooling for example and may not fit longer graphics cards, etc.

    The cable management and cooling are meh so you may not be able to go too far with GPU, Overclocking, etc. So it just depends what you want to cram into it.

    There are also lots of inexpensive cases (under $50 or under $100) that will be far superior to this case so unless that absolutely kills the budget you might consider it.
  2. You may want to consider something like this for example:

    Under $40 at newegg right now and Tom's recommended.
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    A reasonable new case can be had for $50.
    You'll spend far more than $50 in brainpower trying to get that one to 'work'. Yes, it is more or less ATX compatible. But you're missing out on the things mentioned above, and also USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports, airflow, etc, etc.
  4. Unless I'm looking at the wrong one, it's btx so couldn't use it without heavy modding.
  5. No, the case uses a BTX form factor, a current ATX board wont fit.
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