Xbox 360 ip address problem + default gateway set as

Okay so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'll try anyway.
I've been using xbox live about a year without any problem via wired network from my computer that uses USB modem. Recently my pc started to have problems and wouldn't start without shortly restarting. So I took my pc to get fixed because I didn't really know what was wrong with it.I was informed that my video card(graphics card) was broken, so they replaced it to Nvidia one. Now that my pc works normally I can't seem to access xbox live. Xbox gives me ip address fail and sets my automatic ip as = A red flag.I know this ip is something they create when xbox can't get ip from the other device.I have set my device settings to default.
Anyways since I couldn't get them to recognize my ip I decided to set it manually. I went to cmd and ipconfig and found that my default getaway is and subnet mask I can't set a manual ip.
So basically no internet settings were changed during the time my pc was being fixed, so the problem seems to be that xbox can't recognize my ip and I can't set it manually. I hope these two problems are related and someone has some suggestions on how to fix them.
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