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I have a Radeon 6950 and I can only get between 4 and 8 FPS in P3D I have an 8 core AMD FX with 8GB of Ram and it is so bad I cannot use it in VC mode for takeoff or landing should I get the r9 Fury x?
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  1. Maybe try overclocking your gpu with afterburner

    Disable anti aliasing and lower the quality settings, try shutting down unnecessary processes in the background or using a program that does it for you like razor game booster

    Or if you can afford it use it as an excuse to build yourself a nice new rig! if its an older system some parts may bottleneck a card like the r9 fury x but that will obviously improve it massively nontheless.

    good luck sorting your fps :)
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    You have something seriously wrong the requirements on that Software are very low, check your drivers, settings and Heat.

    Recommended Specs for V2 "2011"
    Quad Core 3.0 GHz
    4Gb Ram
    2GB Vram
    Full DirectX 11 Support (currently, DirectX 10 is not supported)

    You should also Check for answers here as this is something most people on Tom's forum will never see.

    That software is pretty CPU dependent BTW so a GPU upgrade will make very little difference, Pushing a CPU overclock and Ram Speed will make a bigger impact or upgrading to a Intel I5 or better since you gain up to 25% or more on performance in Software like this.
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