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I have a Razer Kraken Pro headset with a microphone that isnt any worse than it usually is. It works fine when talking to friends on skype and teamspeak, and Windows Test catches it nice and clearly. But for some reason when ever I enter Counter Strike Global Offensive the microphone wont work PROPERLY. Note, it works and people can hear me but it is muffled, weird and it sounds like satan himself is speaking. People even tell me that I should stop using voice changer, because that is also what it sounds like.
Even when skyping/ts with friends WHILE playing, they can hear me fine on the that but at the same time they hear my voice all messed up in the game.

I am not sure, but I do believe this might have happened after I installed windows 10, but maybe not. I do not quite remember.

Thanks in advance to who ever might find a solution to my problem.

Laptop Specs:
-Intel HD Graphics 4600
-Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ
-6,00 GB RAM
-64x bit operating system
-Windows 10
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  1. Make sure the Kraken microphone is set as the default device by right clicking on volume, recording devices, clicking on the Kraken mic and hitting set as default.
  2. So yes, I tried doing this but it just wouldnt record voice from any other device than the standard (default). And since the microphone WORKS with the default on any other program I dont see why it shouldnt with Counter Strike. The only differences from now and before is that I now have Windows 10 and that the headset Im using is a friends (mine is at repair) but its the excact same one.

    Besides, I dont know if this will help but these are the recording devices available for choose (with the headset plugged in)
  3. Have you installed Razer Synapse?
  4. Yes, I re-installed it after installing Windows 10. Supposedly a version that supports the new operating system. Before updating I wasnt even able to open synapse. You think it might have got something to do with it?
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    Yes in the recording section there should be a box specifically for the Kraken separate from that smartaudio microphone. So I would check and make sure that you have correctly installed synapse and it is running properly.
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