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So my Graphics card will randomly stop sending a signal to my monitor. (Everything will go black, and my pc will restart) So i've been trying to fix it by reinstalling my card. I've tried to reset the CMOS battery. I got it working for a few hours but then it just broke again. Is there anybody who might know a way to fix this? i'm buying a new computer in a few weeks, but i'm still not there money wise, so i would love to be able to ride out a few weeks on this pc.

I have a Radeon Sapphire HD 7700 GHz Edition.
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    You're probably restarting do to an automatic feature in windows when it detects a problem.
    During the reboot press F8 like you would to startup in safemode. One of the options ont he 'safemode' screen, towards the bottom, is to disable automatic restart on system failure. - select it.
    Now when your computer crashes you will get an error screen instead of a reboot. Write down or take a pic of it so you can come back and post the info here for us.
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