DDR5 Graphic Card compatibility with my mother board?

Hey everyone, I actually want to buy a new graphic card for my computer (Gigabyte GeForce GTX970 4GB DDR5 Windforce).And I currently have a nVIDIA GeForce 210. I just want to know now if the new graphic card will work with the mother board that I am currently using which was included when I bought the "Intel ProDesk 400 G2 MT". Thanks for your help
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  1. You have a PCIE slot, so therefore the is pretty much no reason whatsoever why that card will not work. the real question is bottle neck, which seems N/A here. also make sure you can power it.
  2. Hmm thanks for your replie. I found this written on my power supply: MAX. OUTPUT POWER : 180W@50degC is this what determines if I can power it or not?
  3. That is a a very low wattage PSU (my pentium 1 PSU was 200 watts.). to run a 970 I would get around 500 watts. how big is this PSU in your computer now?
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