Multiple PC's and other devices won't connect to WiFi or connects but just for a minute then dies.

Hello everyone!

This is a problem we've had at home for over a year now.

We currently have 2 stationary PC's and 2 Laptop PC's. The WiFi connection seems to work on stationary PC #1, however connection problems occur a few times a week. A router restart usually helps but not always. There is no problem connecting to the network from an Android phone.

On the other PC's a WiFi connection is nearly impossible to get. As mentioned in the title, I can find the network, but when I try to connect it simply says that it cant connect to this network. The signal strength has full bars so range is not a problem. Sometimes I'm able to connect and it says ''internet access'' but I still cant open anything in my browser.In some cases it's connected but it's ''limited''.

Here's what I've done to try fixing the problem:

- Restarting the router
- Updated drivers for the network adapter on all PC's
- Placed the router on different places in my home
- Resetting the whole network and created a new one
- Even went and purchased a new and better router
- I used inSSIDer to find which channel has the least interference and changed to that one.

The final solution was to go with wired connection. I prefer it and it always works, however it is not possible for the other people in the household to drag cables across the house.

The router is a Belkin N600DB Wireless Router and all of the computers has had Windows 7, 8 and currently 10 on two of them. Oh and the PC that doesn't seem to have trouble is running Windows Vista.

I hope my information is sufficient for you guys to help me, if not i'll gladly answer any questions.
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  1. Is it running at 5gz on the router and the other devices can't connect to a 5gz network? they will see it and try to connect but eventually can't sometimes. That or it's a crappy router or crappy network cards.
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    The router is running both 2.4 and 5.0. However the network name is ''networkname 2.4'' and another network called ''networkname 5.0'', the PC's only see the 2,4 network, and that's the one I'm trying to connect to.
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