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Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on the issue I am having using dual monitors. The PC hadn’t be used in a while and I decided to rebuild it a bit but encountered an annoying issue.

Note- By not working I mean not even being able to see the POST screen and just going into standby, Screen does not come up with a signal error so it must be getting some signal (in theory).

If I plug monitor 1 in on its own it works.
If I plug monitor 2 in on its own it works. (through the same cable used for Monitor 1)
If I plug in 1 & 2 in Monitor 2 doesn't work
If I try a set of different DVI cables Monitor 2 doesn’t work
If I plug them both into a Chromebox (using HDMI to DVI and Display port to DVI) they both work.
If I try HDMI to DVI or Displayport to DVI monitor 2 doesn't work.
If I try a different GFX card (tried 2x AMD 4850 and an AMD 5650) monitor 2 doesn't work.
If I try DVI for Monitor 1 and VGA for Monitor 2 this does work (although with the R7 GFX card it does display a glitch every so often in W10).
Motherboard does NOT have on-board graphics.

Any suggestions welcome!

PC Spec:
Motherboard: Asus M4A87TD
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 Ghz
Memory: 4x HyperX FURY Series 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10 DIMM Memory Module
PSU Artic 700W
GFX Card: MSI AMD R7 370 Gaming Graphics Card (2 GB, PCI-E, GDDR5, DVI-I, HDMI
Drive: Kingston Technology 120GB Solid State Drive 2.5-inch V300 SATA 3
OS: Windows 10
Monitors: 2x Samsung Syncmaster 2333SW
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  1. Have you tried to play with the settings at all, if you say it's getting signal the problem is most likely the settings.
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