What smps brand and how much wattage is needed for my pc configuration?

My PC Config

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 R5 Motherboard AM3+/AM3 Ultra Durable ATX

Processor - AMD FX 8350 AMD FX Processor Black Edition

Hardisk - Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM) - For OS
WD Caviar Green 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD20EZRX) - For Games, Movies and Suffs

RAM - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) PC DRAM (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10) x 2 pieces

Graphic card - Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon Dual-X R9 270X with Boost OC 2 GB 2 GB DDR5 Graphics Card

Power Supply - Seasonic S12II 620 Watts PSU (CONFUSED)

Cabinet - Cooler Master CM 690 III Computer Case Cabinet, 2 Fans already installed

Cooler Fan For Processor - Cooler Master TPC 812 Cooler/ Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Cooler

Cooler Fan For Cabinet - Cooler Master JetFlo Blue 120 mm Cooler (2 pieces)
Cooler Master R4-LUS-07AB-GP 200 mm Cooler (2 pieces)

Internal Optical Drive - Asus DRW-24D3ST DVD Burner Internal Optical Drive

Keyboard + Mouse (Combo) - Cooler Master Octane (SGB-3020-KKMF1-US) USB Receiver Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Monitor - BenQ EW2440L 24-inch LED Monitor

Please advise...If you want to alter anything...Thanks in advance.:)
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  1. For what will you use this PC ?
  2. For everything, i mean for games and other stuffs like music, movies etc and office works. I have mentioned all the details in my post including 6 Fans.

    Please help...
  3. For your use Intel is much better choice

    What is your budget and where are you buying ?
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    Dont know why you want to use amd for new experience, it will still be the same PC with Intel, you dont get and specail features with AMD nor with Intel, so in my opinion you should always go for best Price/perfromance CPU so that means for your system Intel would be much better choice much better

    In the end you would get much better performance with Intel than with AMD, and Intel is also cheaper all you need it Intel i5 CPU and cheap h97 chipset motherboard, as for fx-8350 you also need expensive 990FX motherboard and aftermarket CPU cooler which Intel doesnt need as stock one is fine.

    Anyway if you go with intel i5 or amd fx-8350, for your system with r9 270X you need 500w or more PSU from Tier 1 or 2

    The one you listed in your build "Seasonic S12II 620" is a good quality PSU (i have the same one) but you can get lower wattage one 520w

    Here you can check for other card how much wattage you need
  5. Thanks a ton...Actually i am currently using i7 processor and i want to compare with AMD FX processor.. i have no budget no problem financially but again thanks for the advice....
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