CRYORIG H7 The CM Hyper 212 EVO Killer?

To make this quicker follow this link (I guess this OK)
Eggxpert site (Newegg) for my post their so I don't have to redo everything.
Link to the cooler
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    Yes. The Cryorig H7 beats the hyper212 in every way, from case clearance to ram clearance to audio properties to cooling potential. Ok, almost every way anyways, the 212 wins in 2 areas. 1.Availability. Everyone sells the 212, high volumes of stock. The H7 is considerably more limited in Stock amounts, so when it is in Stock, it sells out fast. 2.Price. The 212 is a few bucks cheaper in the US. In Europe, its close to the same, no shipping/import taxes to pass on.

    Other than those 2 items, the H7 can't be touched by the 212.
  2. I bought it in January , and it's smaller , easier to install and temps are better.
  3. I made the first purchase on newegg in January , been praising it ever since.

    I own 3 different Cryorig coolers H5 , H7 , Ultimate.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    I guess I need more time to read instead of working:bounce:
    I guess posting the link to the other site was fine since a Senior Mod responded and said nothing about it:bounce:
    It made it easier on me!
  5. When you figure that Cryorig was started by gamers, oc'rs, engineers etc all with 1 common purpose, to actually create from scratch a truly epic cpu cooler, it not hard to understand pc enthusiasts like SR-71 having good things to say about the results. I prefer AIO's to Air cooling, just find them easier, cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing than air, especially big air. Have had several noteworthy headaches because of big air, but for any of the Cryorig coolers I'd seriously be tempted to jump ship. They are that good.
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