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I am receiving 95Mbps download on my desktop, but I am receiving only ~10-15Mbps or less on our laptops. (Tests done with to closest location). We have a 105Mbps internet package from Comcast.

We are using a Motorola SURFboard 200 Series Modem Model SB6121 and a Netgear N300 Wireless Router Model No. WNR2000 version 4
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  1. 1. That's a very slow router these days.
    2. Get a wifi network analyzer and see if you have conflicts with others on the same frequency.
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  2. What should I look for in a router upgrade?
    I used a wifi analyzer and switched to channel 10 because it looks like that channel has the least overlap with other channels in the area.
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  3. 802.11n routers run only at 2.4 GHz; 802.11ac routers usually run at 2.4 and 5 GHz. Look for dual band. Ohh...but perhaps not. Check the wireless on the laptop, as it might well only be 802.11n. suspicion is that you're getting a relatively poor signal at the laptops. Is this consistently the case, with multiple laptops, and measured at different locations? There could always be something with 1 laptop slowing you down; and signal quality issues can be checked by testing in multiple locations.
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  4. Signal strength varies a little depending on location; in other bedrooms, signal is about 10mbps for laptops and signal in the living room is about 15mbps. I am assuming this speed difference is due to the number of walls the signal needs to penetrate.

    How do i check if the laptops are 802.11n?
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    Check the manufacturer's web site for that model number. That's assuming you don't have the original system docs...who keeps those? :) Heck, if the laptops are older, they MIGHT not even be 802.11n...maybe g. That's 54 mbps, tops, and signal degradation could easily drop you down that much.

    What's the speed when you're in the same room as the wireless...just to avoid the intervening walls?
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  6. I had this problem. My internet speed on a LAN cable  was very good. But on wireless it was poor.

    I tried other computers connecting to the same router and they were not slow.

    After trying many different potential solutions I found the answer to my problem:

    I logged onto onto the Sky router using the IP address through my web browser. ( that varies depending on your provider)

    I changed the working channel from what it was (14 and auto) to channel 9 (randomly selected)

    Immediately after my wireless internet speed was restored to its proper speed.

    I can only conclude that as we live in a town, there must have been interference affecting it.

    I hope that helps someone else 
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