Is the GTX 750 ti a good upgrade from a GTX 645? Could i play World of warcraft on high-ultra settings in 1080p while streamin

Hey there, i have recently bought a GTX 750 1GB, i was wondering if it was a big upgrade from the GTX 645? Would i be able to stream in 720p and play in 1080p with smooth FPS on my game on ultra or high????? Thank you :)
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  1. Yeah the 750 ti is much better than the 645.

    Try streaming using shadowplay, should give the best performance.
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    I think the fact that you stream has more to do with the CPU, it's about if your processor can handle the 2 tasks at the same time, tho I've never streamed.

    And yes, it's a great and suitable upgrade for what you mentioned.
  3. Yeh By the way i have an AMD A10 6800 3.7ghz? Is that good, im not very good with pcs lol
  4. It's not bad, I think if you overclock it you will be able to squeeze more out of it, but it should handle streaming and gaming.
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