i need help to get my laptop working again

how do i get my acer laptop to start working again ?? when it starts up it says preparing automatic repair then the screen goes black and the process repeats itself . i tried retarting it but that doesnt work . my laptop is acer v5-431 .
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    The easiest way I can see to fix this problem is to reinstall Windows. The Easiest way to do this is to use the recovery options provided by the computers manufacturer(ie. Disks that came with the computer when purchased). Oftentimes the laptops manufacturer also has alternative recovery options available. You can find options specific to your computer but googling it. Most manufacturers offer some sort of recovery partition on the Hard drive that can be entered by pressing a specific key upon start up of the computer. I personally have found Google very valuable in situations like this.


    Windows can be installed completely independent of the computers manufacturer. Although you are going to need another laptop or computer to assist you in the process. But first we need to determine if the laptop is capable of reinstalling the OS. Ive found that the best way to determine this is to remove the hard drive and power on the laptop and wait. If the bios displays a message that there was no boot media or no bootable drive found you are all set. The next thing that you want to do is determine if you need any of the files or data currently installed on the computer. If you do need files from it, it may be necessary to buy a SATA to USB hard drive adapter or dock ( unless you can plug the hard drive into a desktop via vacant SATA connection) in order to extract the wanted files from the hard drive. You want to then reformat the hard drive to default settings. If you don't care about the files currently on the PC then all you are going to need is a Windows ISO to match your current version. Windows 8 ISO files are easy to obtain through the microsoft website. Although Windows 7 ISOs are not as easy . One you have the ISO file for your windows version, your going to want to Mount it to a disc using a DVD burner. You can also use a USB for this Step If you use the USB DVD Download tool available from Microsoft. Then insert the HArd Drive back into the laptop as well as the USB/Disc. Within the bios choose to boot from the USB/Disc. Then the windows setup will guide you through the rest of the process.

    PM me if you have any questions.
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